You and your copy:
a delicate dance of              interactions

lifestyle copywriter for coaches and creatives

Dreaming up all the ways you can’t wait to serve your community

Reaching back to lend a hand (and then some) to someone in the season of life you once were

Inspiring people to believe their lives can change and imagine all that’s possible

I see you:

It doesn’t have the chance to move anyone else.

It becomes the last thing on your to-do list…and that message behind that idea or program—heck, the movement and legacy you’re creating—that moves you so much?

Time always seems to get away.
Perfectionism rears its ugly head.
Self-doubt clouds your thoughts.
Fear pushes it off.

But when it comes to articulating that passion and experiencing even more expansive growth?

Your work is the light you bring to this world and you’re intentionally curating an imprint that makes a real, meaningful difference

...because you’ve found a partner to help you craft the story that embodies who you are, what you do, and the change you want to make in the world and brings your people along for the ride.

The message that helps you expand your business to your wildest dreams and grow your impact while staying true to yourself and your vision.

The message that makes people go,
“This is it. She’s the one. I need to have her in my corner.”

That changes now-

I know what it’s like to feel like someone on the inside—but not be seen that way on the outside. It’s precisely how my love affair with words began. 

Words—poetry, mostly—have been my therapist my entire life. When no one seemed to understand, words always did. I’ve used them to make sense of the world, my life, and the people in it. 

Poetry taught me to ask why and always look at the bigger picture. It taught me to be quiet and introspective and how to find meaning in our words, our behaviors, and our world. 

Copy expert with 8+ years of experience and a lifetime spent loving words

POV: You’re a copywriter deeply influenced and inspired by poetry

Meet Val Casola

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You’ve found her.

It’s helping people articulate the ideas that mean so much to them, but feel “unsayable” - and using that very message to foster meaningful conversations, shift mindsets, and inspire growth and change in others.

I know you’re building something so special. Maybe it’s an entire business, a community, or an offer. There’s a unique vision behind it that represents who you are, the lessons you’ve learned, and how you can make a difference in individual lives. (And the world.)

Know that I see it, too. I see the story you want to share, the words you’re not quite sure how to say. The meaning and emotion behind them. 

Looking for someone who cares about your vision and your people as much as you do?

The difference I want to make - and the legacy I want to leave behind? 

 revenue created through copywriting projects


 years loving words



Master's Degree


Bachelor's Degree

Annie Cimmino, photographer

She has a rare talent for truly understanding your business goals and incorporating them into your web copy. I can truly attest to the fact that her expertise and help lead to a better business for you."

"Val has a knack for seeing what's on your heart and putting that into words.

client testimonial

I believe everyone deserves to know what they’re participating in and paying for. That’s why I pay special attention to your business and how you run it so we can lay out the facts, answer questions and objections, and ensure there’s no surprises for you or your clients.



Big moves are rarely made without excitement or a clear vision of a better future. Telling the stories that help your ideal clients feel what life looks like on the other side of your services is the cornerstone of my writing process.



Something moved you so much that you took a risk, put yourself out there, and believed you could build a successful business. This story? It’s why I do what I do. Helping you bring it to life with words is my passion. When we work together, you’ll walk away with a message that feels like a representation of you and how you want to show up in the world.



Everyday at Val Casola Writes, I prioritize…

Your vision is more than sales jargon and revenue in the bank…

In my hands, they’ll move your people emotionally and physically–connecting you with right-fit clients and growing your impact.

Your words should be carefully crafted with intention and purpose behind every word.

Messaging That Moves: Attract the Right People and Inspire Them to Act 

How to Empower Your Audience With Their Pain and Dreams 

Uncover Your Unique Edge and Sell More

How to Tell Immersive Stories Your Audience Can Feel

Topics include:

Because let’s be honest–I could talk about words allllll day long.

Book Val to Speak

rebecca nesbit,
founder of the ceo crowd

I had a website copy audit with Val and it completely shifted my vision on how to align my messaging with myself.

Not only did I have a fantastic experience with the audit, but I also asked Val to come into my membership to speak to my clients and share her knowledge of copywriting. She delivered with such eloquence. Not only would I trust Val with my own copy, but I also trust her with my own clients. I am so grateful and cannot recommend Val highly enough!"

"If you are looking for a copywriter, look no further.

e-commerce entrepreneur

Sarah Williams

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Val is a wealth of knowledge. Listening to her will change your life.

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