Match your messaging to your              brand 



You and your community are ready for so much more fun, support, and impact. You’ve been carefully dreaming, planning, and creating what’s next…

Scale into your most expansive era with intention and purpose


Sheds a tear (or two)

Embodies you and your passion

Tugs on the heart strings

Inspires people to move

Shifts mindsets and perspectives

Activates the imagination

People think about hours later

It’s a good thing this is exactly what I do.

It’s why I want you to know that I care about the vision you have for your business and the impact you make just as much as you do.

The last thing I’m here to do is throw a bunch of sales jargon at your audience. I’m here to help you connect and form meaningful relationships with your people by adding an emotional, poetic touch to your sales copy.

You might feel like it’s easier to write your own copy. Maybe you had a bad experience with a different copywriter in the past. 

It’s a        decision to hire a copywriter.

Bringing a copywriter into your space and handing your vision over to someone else is a hard thing to do.


  • Loom video explaining what in your copy is working well and what could be improved
  • Line by line editing of existing copy to improve clarity and conversions
  • Detailed guidance on how to write missing sections and prompts shared directly from my copy templates

Timeline: One-week turnaround

Your copy isn’t resonating with you or performing as it should–and you need some support without the done-for-you, turn-key price tag STAT. You’ll dump all your copy into a Google Doc for me, I’ll make line-by-line edits on existing copy to optimize it for clarity and conversion, and record you a Loom video overview of what’s working well and what could be improved. If you’re missing anything vital, I’ll provide detailed guidance on how to write it so you can turn your copy around in no time.


Copy Audit

WHAt's included:

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PDF document outlining core pieces of your brand messaging, including but not limited to your:

  • Mission/Vision Statement
  • Business Origin Story
  • Unique Value Proposition
  • Brand Values
  • Transformation Story
  • Ideal Client Profile
  • Brand Voice Analysis
  • Word/Phrase Bank

WHAt's included:

Timeline: One-week turnaround

You know who you are, what you do, who it’s for, and why it matters, but all of your messaging feels jumbled and unorganized in your head. You desire one place that articulates every part of your message for you–from your mission and vision statement to your transformation story and brand voice–so you can stop wondering “How do I say that again”? A Brand Messaging Guide is a great resource to hand off to anyone who writes copy–your in-house copywriter or VA–so they have the most accurate information to work from.

Starting at $1,000

Brand Messaging Guide

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  • Five (5) pages of SEO-focused, custom conversion copywriting
  • Home, About, Services, Contact, + Extra Content (Blog, Podcast, Resources, Opt-In, Small Sales Page, etc.)
  • Keyword research, title tags, and meta descriptions
  • Up to five (5) interviews with past clients to collect Voice of the Customer research
  • Collaboration with your web designer
  • Revisions so you walk away feeling confident as ever

WHAt's included:

Timeline: two weeks

Your home on the web should represent your vision and how you desire to show up in the world. It should highlight your passion and what sets you apart. It should attract the right person for your offers, having them saying “This is everything I’ve needed!” and move them into action. 

This is for you if the next iteration of your brand is right around the corner. It’s for you if you’re ready to step out into your industry with your unique approach and in your voice. It’s for you if you know that deeper emotional connection and inspiring transformational story is what you need to scale with heart and purpose.

Starting at $4,000

Website Copywriting

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  • One (1) long-form sales page for your upcoming launch or evergreen offer
  • Up to five (5) interviews with past clients to collect Voice of the Customer research
  • Collaboration with your web designer
  • Revisions so you walk away feeling confident as ever

WHAt's included:

Timeline: 1 business Day

What moves us is knowing what’s in it for us–and watching it come to life before our eyes. You designed your course or group program to radically change lives and show your dream client their evolution and becoming is not just possible, but a brave and empowered decision away. We’ll tell that deeply transformational story that has your community jumping on your waitlist, claiming your VIP bonuses, and enrolling to experience it.

Starting at $3,000

Sales Page in a Day

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  • One (1) long-form sales page for your upcoming launch or evergreen offer
  • Up to five (5) interviews with past clients to collect Voice of the Customer research
  • Collaboration with your VA or marketing manager to set your emails up in your software
  • Revisions so you walk away feeling confident as ever

WHAt's included:

Timeline: 1 business Day

You don’t need to hear again that your real estate on social media isn’t guaranteed—or that educating and nurturing your audience builds the relationships required for vulnerable conversations and exciting choices. Together, we’ll create value-driven, story-centered, and sales-oriented emails that will have your leads eagerly awaiting your name in their inbox and excited to go through your sales pipeline.

Starting at $3,000

Email Sequence in a Day

Emanuela Hall, Speaking Coach + Story Consultant

I first met Val in a networking call and saw that she loved stories as much as I did. After following her for a short time, I was hooked on her down-to-earth vibe. You could tell she was who she was offline as she was online. There was no fluff. She was there to serve and share valuable expert advice. I like how professional Val was and how she really valued my time. Her extensive questionnaire helped me get everything about my business and my message out of my head and onto paper–and now I have clear foundations to write copy for captions, bios, and speaking proposals. It's great to have someone who gets it. Thanks Val for giving this scattered mommy brain some organization and direction!”

“Val saw the heart of my business and the big WHY behind what I’m trying to create."

client testimonial

Shan Riley, Breakup Coach

Working with Val felt simple, seamless, and enjoyable for me. I went from feeling insecure & embarrassed of my landing page for my offer to excited to start promoting my offer through my social media content. Now, I trust that her strategic yet emotional copy will help convert my product! 

As soon as Val mentioned how copy is like poetry to her, I was a definite yes! 

client testimonial

Looking for                   too?

I have a wide array of connections to web designers who specialize in specific platforms and styles. I’d love to help you choose the right fit to help bring your project to life!

But if you’re looking for branding and design that perfectly complements the poetic touches in your copy…I have someone special in mind I’d love to introduce you to! 

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web design

Once our revisions are complete, you will receive your copy formatted via wireframe to support design implementation. All DFY copywriting packages include collaboration with your web designer. I am happy to work with them to bring your copy to life visually!

handing off

After I have everything I need to know about you, your business, and your dream client, map out your customer journey and strategically plug specific information when and where your dream client needs to hear it. After this structure is created, I sift through all of the text to make sure everything is clear, accurate, and easy to understand.

Strategic Placement & Writing

The most important job I have as your copywriter isn’t writing your copy…it’s getting to know the person we’re speaking to. I spend time eavesdropping on your dream client, collecting the language they use to talk about their challenges, desires, hopes for the future, hesitations, and other solutions they’ve tried before. I also collect this information through direct interviews with your past clients. This data becomes the foundation for knowing what to say and feeling confident your new copy will resonate with the people who need to hear it most.

Listening and Research

How it Works

The most exciting part about this entire process for me is infusing the nuts and bolts of your business with your personality, passion, and purpose. (And of course, a touch of poetic flair.) This is where my creativity runs free and I pair the logistical information your dream client needs alongside words that inspire them to see what’s possible and move them into action.


Once your copy draft is done, we collaborate to make sure it feels and sounds just like you. If something doesn’t feel right, we talk it through and come up with a solution that does.


What’s so special about             and                   copy?

I craft copy by listening to your audience: learning what they struggle with, what they want more than anything, and what holds them back. 

And I infuse this research into persuasive and creative writing techniques that make your people feel, think, imagine, and move.

Because your message is more than just words on a page. It’s the foundation for meaningful relationships, mindset shifts, imagining what’s possible, and valued partnership.

It solves a major problem in the marketing industry–knowing how to talk, but having no idea what to say. 

Poetic and emotional copy is the foundation for moving conversation with your people.


It makes us feel.

It shows us we’re not alone.

It activates our imagination.

It connects us to each other.

And leaves room for fun and play.


   Is emotional, poetic copy                  for me?

This is not for you if…

This is for you if…

  • You aren’t open to breaking some copywriting rules 
  • You don’t feel a deep sense of passion or purpose towards your work
  • You don’t want to form personal relationships with people in your audience
  • You prefer to separate yourself from your marketing

  • You want to attract clients who believe in you and your work
  • Your dream client wants to feel connected to the coaches and service providers they hire
  • You want your dream clients to see and feel the transformation you provide
  • You want to form genuine relationships with your audience 
  • You want room for fun and play in your copy



I want to hear about all the ideas you’re dreaming up and bringing to life.

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Copywriting templates to help you attract your dream audience, fill your offers, and make an impact

My collection of website copy templates, launch templates, and email templates package up my favorite thought-provoking questions, plug-and-play copy prompts, and client examples to help you create a moving message driven by purpose, intention, and impact.

Ready to craft a message that meaningfully represents your business and moves your audience into action?

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