Learn to write about yourself in an empowering way and build connection and trust with your community

Time to say goodbye to the About Page *scaries*

develops trust and connection with your community

positions yourself as an expert in your field

uses your story to turn prospective clients into paying ones

helps your audience get to know you

Grab a copywriter-approved framework and get the inside scoop for writing a compelling and moving About Page that:

Especially because an effective About Page focuses more on your reader than it does on you.

Instead of staring at your blank Word document in defeat, grabbing your phone to refresh your emails for the fifth time today, doom-scrolling on Instagram, and rinse & repeating…

Writing about yourself doesn’t have to feel like the most cringe-worthy thing you’ve ever done. 

20+ writing prompts to get you actually working and not pulling your hair out in embarrassment or frustration

Section suggestions to help you get more visible and showcase your expertise

Examples of fun ways to show off your personality and connect outside of the business world

The non-negotiables for writing an About Page designed to support your audience’s journey from lead to customer

Inside, you’ll find:

Cecilia Amato
 Amato Creative Works

I loved Val’s feedback on my website so much! It made me take a step back and think about the copy that I chose. I was able to reword sections of my website to make it more approachable and more about the client, instead of me. So so valuable and I appreciate her taking the time to give me that feedback

 It made me take a step back and think about the copy that I chose.

Nurture and educate


sales pages


email sequences

Email Sequences

Value driven, story-centered emails that nurture your community and sell your services

Website Copy

Your 24/7 salesman should share an inspirational story your prospects want to experience again and again 

Inspire and sell

Attract and convert

Sales Pages

Helping your prospects see everything that’s possible when they invest in your course or program

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