A legacy that will forever impact the people you touch and change lives for generations to come.

You feel so fulfilled by your offers and your community.

The clients you book and the work they do give you goosebumps.

Every life you change and every dollar you make feels so damn meaningful.

You’re planting the seeds for something bigger than coaching, creative services, digital products, and dare I say…something bigger than yourself.

You’re actually running it.

That business you dreamed of creating? 

Welcome to the copy studio that does exactly that.

Embody the passion and purpose behind your work

Catch your audience up to the CEO you’ve become 

Invite your audience to believe in what’s possible

Inspire your people to move 

Right now, your copy and messaging doesn’t speak to this movement you’re creating.

You know exactly where you want to go next. You’re laying the foundations for more growth and opportunity, piece by piece, hour by hour…

…and you know you need words that:

But your audience doesn’t know any of this. Not yet, anyway.

step into the studio →

messaging rooted in research, storytelling, and empathy.

I'm here to bring your unique vision to life, craft stories that move your people emotionally and physically, and help you grow.

Become More.

Do More.

Learn More.

Dream more.

You want copy that inspires people to


I want your digital presence to show your people who you really are, the purpose you feel behind your work, and the impact you make in the world.

Because getting your offers into the hands of more people will leave more lives forever changed for the better.

My work is deeply inspired by poetry—creating deep, meaningful connections, inviting your perfect-fit client to believe more is possible, and telling immersive stories that make her think, “THIS is what I’ve been looking for!”

If you’re looking for a copywriter eager to combine thorough research, emotional storytelling, and persuasive principles, you’re in the right place.




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Increase your impact and touch more lives with a message that makes people go “I need this!” 

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Inspire and Move

Catch your audience up to
the business you’re really running
and the CEO you’ve become

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Evolve and

Messaging rooted in research & inspired by poetry



Infuse your copy with                  and                 and step into your most expansive era of business yet

Take a peek at these carefully crafted stories moving people into action and creating results

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Meredith MacKenzie, Parallel Wellness

I’m a registered clinical counselor with a brand new beautiful clinic website with copy written by Val that I am so happy with!

When it came to my website copy, I was feeling so overwhelmed. Writing my own copy felt like such a daunting task, but I knew it had to be done. It felt like our website was leaving money on the table. Working with Val was such a wonderful experience.

She made the process so simple and organized and pulled our ideas and messaging together in a way that captured everything so perfectly. She gave us a really nice professional tone of voice while keeping the warmth and humanity I really wanted. Thank you so much Val, it was amazing to work with you. 

“I would work with Val a million times over! Now I have a beautiful website to show off to everybody!

Kaley Shawley, Consciously Kaley

Val Casola is my favorite copywriter. If you’re considering working with her, just know that I can’t recommend her enough! She is absolutely incredible and so talented. 

We first did a Brand Messaging Guide project together. I honestly thought I knew my business, but after that exercise, Val brought it all to life in a new way so I could understand it even better!

After that, we did a website copy project and I am so thrilled with it. Every time I check out my own website, I love reading the beautiful words that Val just brought to life. Let me know when you book Val for your copy, because I want to read it!”

"Val has such a gift for words and working with clients!"


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My collection of website copy templates, launch templates, and email templates package up my favorite thought-provoking questions, plug-and-play copy prompts, and client examples to help you create a moving message driven by purpose, intention, and impact.

Ready to craft a message that meaningfully represents your business and moves your audience into action?

Copywriting templates to help you attract your dream audience, fill your offers, and make an impact

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So what are you waiting for?

To articulate exactly what you do, why it matters, and how you want to show up in the world. To make you more excited about your business than ever before.

Your words have the power to change your life.